Design and Manufacture of Automotive Tire Changing Mechanism

Project Overview

This project is intended to design and manufacture an automotive tire changing mechanism. Initially, the general idea behind this mechanism was to have a power source that’s connected through a shaft to a gear train that has a driver gear, and 5 driven gears that are connected with spanners to unscrew lug nuts simultaneously. But after we finalized the calculations, conceptual design and searched for the available materials in the market we changed the design completely and it will be shown and discussed in the next chapters. This project is very important to tire manufacturing companies and workshops, as it can be very efficient and time saving.

Project Objectives

When it comes to changing tires, most people find it exhausting and time consuming, because of the traditional way used for changing tires, which is using the tire lug wrench. Due to the difficulties that people face in changing tires, we came up with the idea of this project which is to make the procedure of changing tires much easier and time saving. This project has two main objectives, which are designing and manufacturing an automotive tire changing mechanism, reduce the time taken to change tires and optimizing the weight of the prototype.


Final Report

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