Sustainable Water Research Group (SWRG)

Sustainable Water Research Group (SWRG) in the Department of Civil Engineering at PMU is a research group for providing water related solutions and building sustainable society. The group continues to investigate current critical problems in the Kingdom as well as the external world. Experts in the area of sustainable water formed the research group to improve the water security and practices; provide the sustainable solutions; innovate green technologies that can contribute to maximum utilization of water resources.

Vision and Objectives

The SWRG at PMU is the research center of economic, green-technical, and social development. The major priority of SWRG is to investigate basic human needs; water security; water quality, reuse, and recycling; water management capabilities, water and wastewater sectors resilience; and water service regulation. SWRG facilitates the options of continuous access to water under normal and emergency situations. The primary research focuses on sustainable development of the kingdom’s water resources that will significantly contribute to the goal of the Saudi National Water Strategy 2030. The outcome of research will explore the utilization of renewable energy by using water sectors. Furthermore, to achieve the goal, SWRG will arrange the seminar, symposium, and workshop as well as offer short courses among students, local community and different stakeholder.

Research Team

Team Leader: Dr. Saidur R. Chowdhury, P.Eng., QPESA, M.ASCE
  • Dr. Muhammad Waqar Ashraf, Professor & Dean of College of Sciences & Human Studies
  • Dr.  Tahar Ayadat, P.Eng., Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department
  • Dr. Mohammad Ali Khasawneh P.Eng., EXCEED; Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department
  • Dr. Feroz Shaik; Associate Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department,
  • Dr Maythem Naji Mahmud, Assistant Professor, College of Sciences and Human Studies
  • Dr. Andi Asiz, P.Eng., Associate Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering Department.
  • Dr Shaikh Abdur Razzak; Professor; P.Eng., Chemical Engineering Department; King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  • Dr. Laura Margaret Strachan, Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences Department, PMU
  • Dr Muhammad Asad, CEng., Associate Professor; Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Dr Layal JRADI; Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU)
  • Zainab H. A. Alnaser; Water Plant Maintenance Engineer Trainee, National Water Company,