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College of Business Administration Characteristics

COBA contributes to the advancement of knowledge and paves the way for the development of general professional and business-specific acumen as well as for the enhancement of the business enterprise in which graduates are employed.

COBA prepares future academic professionals in the areas of accounting, business administration, finance, human resource management, and management information systems, through the development and application of innovative educational approaches in a modern, global, and technologically advanced instructional environment.

By teaching students a framework for understanding the role of business in a global society, COBA enables each graduate to assume a leading and critical role in their community and to continuously advance its business and social performance by identifying opportunities for sustainable and mutually beneficial business engagements.

COBA demands and fosters academic excellence throughout all of its programs and offers curricula and specializations that allow students to develop real-world business expertise, experience, and ethics that impact work environments. This is accomplished by maintaining effective and efficient collaborations with a variety of stakeholders and includes close cooperation between COBA, the University, local business entities, government agencies, and local, regional, and global society as a whole.

COBA encourages students to conduct valid and reliable research and to engage in professional consultations, in order to identify, understand, and explain organizational phenomena and to find solutions for business problems.

COBA instills a mindset of leadership and innovation by including leadership and innovation instruction in core business classes, supporting research in the area of leadership and innovation, and requiring that graduates take a course in entrepreneurship in which they learn the creative process of idea generation and opportunity identification and evaluation, as well as the unique skills necessary to build and grow a start-up organization or to develop new-to-theworld products.