CNC Embroidery Machine

Project Overview

As manual labor increases, a part of the world are working accordingly to their work but instead of getting an average salary they do get what can be considered as cheap, as AI raises we are going to the world most wanted thing is to decrease manual labor and make more management control over them, from making a smoother work flow to accurate techniques and much easier method to make the machine work, it’s said that ‘work smarter not harder’ and as engineers we solve problems and find alternative ways to implement our ideas in real life from brain storming to sketching an idea to implement it in real life.

Our prototype of CNC Embroidery machine would make life easier for small businesses and seamstress production line by substituting manual labor and by increasing the production quality with designing a smart embroidery machine system that works based on CNC technology. The system will allow the user to sew any design on a piece of garment with precision, accuracy, and quality using GRBL Software which will be configured by Arduino. the system will be easy to use and will provide drawing tools for the user to create any design that he wishes for.

Project Objectives

  • Replace manual embroidery labor in small businesses.
  • Encourage adoption of complex logos design in t-shirts garment.
  • Increase the speed of production in small seamstress businesses.
  • Allow for high quality garment production.


CNC Embroidery Machine


CNC Embroidery Machine