Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Project Overview

In 19th century, revolution of industries has started, these industries require a huge amount of energy. Based on the need of energy, there was shortage in the resources that were easily acquired such as coal. This caused many conflicts and wars which made people search for another source of energy. At that time, oil was discovered and considered one of the main sources of power. As time passes, innovation and knowledge had improved and discovered that these sources of energy had bad environment effect and they are limited energy sources. After a period of time a new renewable clean energy sources are innovated such as dams and wind and solar energy. Solar energy uses solar panels which can’t withstand high temperatures because it reduces its efficiency, so they innovate a new method that can withstand high temperatures which is concentrated solar power (CSP) CSP uses concentrated sunlight to generate energy. The CSP plant consists of 5 main parts which are, boiler, condenser, turbine, reflecting mirrors and an electric generator. The reflecting mirrors concentrate direct sunlight to the boiler where the liquid is heated and turned into steam due to high temperatures, the steam then goes to the turbine where it rotates it and the turbine rotates the electric generator shaft thus producing energy. Once the energy is produced, the steam that leaves the turbine goes to the condenser where it is turned back into liquid and the process starts again. This power plant is considered one of the cleanest and renewable power sources.

Project Objectives

CSP technology has been into many development and upgrades throughout the time. The following are the objectives of the project:
  1. To create an initial prototype of the CSP system with a roughly design which can be used for initial tests.
  2. To make the energy generated from the system renewable.
  3. To ensure that the system can withstand high temperatures.