Condition Assessment Model for Road Networks

Project Overview

This project is a part of Infrastructure asset management practice, which is new in Saudi Arabia. During the current time, many developments and constructions in road networks have been progressing. Nevertheless, do they provide the required level of service? Do they provide the required performance? Do they match the required maintenance standards? Condition assessment of infrastructure provide answers to questions raised. Condition assessment of infrastructure is the evaluation of the assets throughout its service period. The condition of the asset refers to the measurement of the asset’s physical state, while the performance of the asset refers to the capability of the asset to produce the required level of service to the users. These forecasts the remaining useful life of an asset and generates a plan for required maintenance strategy. The main data for the project were collected from Al-Shatie area in Dammam, Eastern Province. The mathematical models are used in the project to quantify the condition assessment for road and network. The models are developed using decision making Theories such as SMART and AHP. The results obtained in the project are compared to the municipality road condition in 2013 and the team’s experiment using the municipality method in 2017.

Project Objectives

The predicted result of this research – if applied – will assist with the distribution of the country's budget for maintenance across all municipalities, thereby maintaining the assets at the required standard. Each city in the province has different assets in need of maintenance regulation. This is the main reason why each municipality should have an Infrastructure Asset Management department; to study the condition assessment of the assets. Furthermore, it is vital to distribute the financial resources based on the results and priorities proposed through different types of studies. To achieve that, a variety of methods and technologies should be employed to study the condition of the assets. Creating a guide which help establishes an enhanced method of condition assessment to help allocate resources and establish budgets needed to support strategic initiatives. An objective summary is shown in the following:

  1. Studying the current practices applied by the municipalities in the region.
  2. Applying the current practices on the roads network.
  3. Developing Condition Assessment Model (CAM) for selected roads in Dammam.
  4. Developing Condition Assessment Model (CAM) for Road Network.
  5. Providing Comparative Results

Final Report

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