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Design of 170 stories Tower Located in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Overview

The project is to design a skyscraper with reinforced concrete located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah city.
The project will be designed for both High Strength Concrete (HSC) and Normal Strength Concrete (NSC). There will be a comparison between the two alternative design to select the best between them.
This project is designed based on the specifications and requirements of the code.
This report deals with designing a superstructure in ETABS 2016 software with performing a semi-hand calculation to verify the results.
It was started by identifying the constraints of the project and find a solution for them. First of all, it began with the structural design, by designing each structural element in the structure. It starts by designing each element based on the forces acting on the structure.
Then, starting the geotechnical design by obtaining the soil profile, and work on the foundation system to be appropriate for the structure.
Then going to the reinforcement part, by taking the moment from ETABS and design the reinforcement for the slabs, shear walls, and foundation system. After that, the rough cost estimation of the whole project, according to the Saudi material market. Finally, conclusion and recommendation. After analyzing the output of the two-alternative design, we found that the (HSC) is better. As a result, the High Strength Concrete is eco-friendly, Sustainably, and environmentally.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of this project are to design and analyze high-rise building that satisfies all standard and safety requirements of the structural skeleton geotechnical foundation system.

The objectives are subdivided into:
  1. Modeling and idealizing the structure in the ETABS 2016 software.
  2. Structural design of the different element of the super structure of the tower.
  3. Geotechnical design of the most appropriate and safe foundation system.
  4. Comparing between Normal strength concrete (NSC) and (HSC).
  5. Rough cost Estimation of the tower structure.