Design of Highway in Al Khobar

Project Overview

The eastern region occupies a high position in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is an important commercial port that sits on the Arabian Gulf Sea, and where the Aramco oil company is located, it is a global and major producer of points and its derivatives, also it represents a high area of fish wealth products, as well as products The various industrial zones, due to the multiplicity of the industrial areas in them, so we find that the population growth in the eastern region is fast, as it represents a fertile environment for investors and businessmen, which contributed to the increasing numbers of industrialists, engineers and technicians, and it has to increase the number of health practitioners, and other areas that serve the worker in those areas and their families.

Moreover, with this the population began to increase until the number of residents exceeded 5 million people, and the numbers are increasing, so it was necessary to study the effect of this population increase, as well as commercial and industrial growth, on traffic in the region. Here, the actual effects on traffic will be studied for one of the most important roads in the eastern region, which is Abu-Hadriya Road, and then a supporting road is proposed for it, which will go to the north of Dammam in the south, and then engineering and construction studies, and evaluation of its environmental impact, and its economic returns.

This senior design project of design highway on the Civil Engineering department at prince Mohammed bin Fahad university is an issue of prime importance. Road congestion and road accidents resulting in a serious social and economic problem. Studies focused on geometric design and safety aim to improve highway design and to eliminate hazardous locations. The effects of design elements such as horizontal and vertical curves, lane width, shoulder width, super elevation, median width, curve radius, sight distance, etc. on safety have been studied. The relationship between geometric design elements and accident rates is complex and not fully understood.

Relatively little information is available on relationships between geometric design elements and accident rates. Although it has been clearly shown that very restrictive geometric elements such as very short sight distances or sharp horizontal curve result in considerably higher accident rates and that certain combinations of elements cause an unusually severe accident problem. In this project, road geometric design elements and characteristics are taken into consideration.

Project Objectives

In view of the growing interest by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the industrial sector, and its steady growth, it was necessary to support the industrialists and provide workspaces for them, which led to an increase in the number of citizens and residents who are experienced in the industrial field, such as engineers and modern technology scientists, also The increasing demand for technicians, monitors and workers, including their families, which led to an increase in demand for different products, which try the residents on the semi-permanent movement, and this has created many congestion points on several main roads in the eastern region, the most important of which is the Abu-Hadriya Road And the road of Jubail Dhahran, and also King Fahd Road.

So the benefits of the proposed project can be summarized as follows:

  1. Serving the north-east areas of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Serving the industrial motions between Jubail port and third industrial city.
  3. Decrease the crowded of Abu-Hadryia and Jubail-Dhahran highways.
  4. Serving the motion of Dammam airport visitors.
  5. Serving the west areas of Dammam.