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Design of PMU Research Center Building Using Steel and Concrete Elements

Project Overview

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University located in Al Khobar KSA was established in 2006, within a short time period the university made a huge development and became among top 700 best Universities around the world, therefore the university decided to build a research center for students and researchers to explore their thoughts and demonstrate to the world.

This report proposes the structural and geotechnical design of a multi-story building for a research center at Prince Mohammad Bin University in Al Khobar. The project will be designed for both Reinforced Concrete (RC) and Steel Structures. There will be comparison between the two structures and select the best one.

The report will outline the modeling and analysis of the building, detailing of our hand calculation for both structures, types of finishing materials, cost estimation of the project and multi-attempt of foundation design to provide the safest and suitable foundation for our structure.

In this report, we did our best to explain and clarify our intended methods of calculating and designing the structure. In addition to clarifying our goals with most details possible. So, we hope that we have covered all required information and made it clear and smooth for the reader.

Project Objectives

The geotechnical and structure design of a research center building using reinforced concrete and steel elements, to be used for all educational aspects, and expose new ideas.