Design of Atmospheric Water Generator

Project Overview

Looking into one of the most prominent concern in the developing and under-developed world, water crisis is one of the main problems that still persists since it is one of the most essential, basic and important requirements for a healthy body and the availability of clean water is really scare in these areas. In order to rectify and diminish these persistent problems related to water availability, especially in the coastal regions, where the sea is accessible but no means of cleaning that water for a good use. In this regard, our team will be working on in developing a water generator which will condense the suspended water molecules (humidity) from the atmosphere into liquid phase water. But, in order for this project to catch up, it must be applicable in the regions like the Eastern Province in the coastal cities where the humidity conditions can rise up to as much as 60% in the atmosphere during peak times. This water generated could be then used in various applications.

Project Objectives

Our project is based on the following objectives:
  1. Design a system to convert the air into water to use it at homes to provide people with fresh water or can be used in farms for irrigation purposes.
  2. Preserving the limited water supply in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Take advantage of humid weather by generating water.
  4. Using the thermal electrical (Peltier) as refrigerate to condense the air.