Design & Construction Of An Aluminum Can Recycling System

Project Overview

Our design is a Compact Recycling Aluminum Can System, where it consists from three parts which are an automatic can smasher to crush the cans into small pieces, induction furnace used to melt the cans into pure aluminum, and a lift mechanism (mold) where we will save the pure aluminum bars.

Project Objectives

This project went through couple of modifications to meet the objectives that we looking for to design and construct aluminum can recycle system and those objectives are:
  • To develop a simple compact recycling aluminum can system, where it can be placed everywhere, in the park, houses.
  • The ability to melt an amount of 0.27 kg of aluminum cans.
  • Being able to produce a cylindrical aluminum cast, which can be used for other applications.
  • To increase the awareness of waste management by recycling aluminum cans.
  • To fabricate recycle aluminum machine low cost and time consuming.
  • To minimize air pollution caused by burring wastes.


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