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Design and construction of a piping network system for domestic use

Project Overview

Pipes network analysis involves the analysis of the fluid flow through hydraulics’ network, containing several interconnected branches. To provide water to many users, municipal water supplies often route it through a water supply network. However, the main requirement for designers is how to size the piping system and how to determine the flow rates and pressure drops in the individual sections of the network. This is a common need in hydraulic design. This project is about designing a network which will consist of interconnected pipes, while of problems in hydraulic design, with solution methods typically referred to as pipe network analysis. Water utilities generally make use of specialized software to automatically solve these problems. The yield of a system can be measured by either its value or its net benefit. For a water supply system, the true value or the net benefit is a reliable water supply service having adequate quantity and good quality of the product. For example, if the existing water supply of a city needs to be extended to supply a new municipality, the impact of the new branch of the system must be designed to supply the new needs, while maintaining supply to the old system.

Project Objectives

  • Designing a pipe network system for the buildings .
  • Producing a prototype of the designing.
  • Testing the designing system.
  • Calculate the major and minor losses associated with pipe flow in the piping networks and determine the pumping power requirements.


Final Report