Design of Dynamometer for Engine Testing

Project Overview

This project is intended to design and manufacture a simple rotor test rig, where rotor faults can be inserted and tested. The test rig is to be fitted with vibration sensors to enable collecting data and use it to monitor the health of machines. The project is very important to industry as through understanding the characteristics of failure, time and money will be saved. This is also very important from the safety prospective as this will lead to a safe operating environment for rotary machines.
This project is intended design a break dynamometer. The dynamometer consists of a flange to mount on the PMU engine, a break array, a strain gage, and protective covers. The students will have to perform extensive stresses calculations and FEA analysis prior to manufacturing.

Project Objectives

  • Design and build a dynamometer (shaft, breaks, safety cover, bearings and housing)
  • Develop the instrumentation of the dynamometer (force gage, rotational speed meter and optical temperature)
  • Test the dynamometer
  • Measure break engine power output


Final Report