Design and Manufacture of a one person Hover Craft

Project Overview

A Hovercraft is a vehicle that floats above any lands such as ice, sand, grass, and water. Hovercraft sometimes called Air Cushion Vehicle due to its ability to move by cushion or skirt filled with air and cause the board to hover above the ground, and by the thrust engine it runs forward and fills up the cushion. In this project, we intended to build and design our hovercraft which could work in many circumstances as much as the car regarding any land. The concept of the hovercraft is simple, starts with a particular kind of wood that has the property in carrying loads and has some gaps to help wood floats above any land. Underneath the wood, the skirt or cushion takes place, and it functions to create a change in pressure bycatch the air in one area to create the required difference in pressure between inside and outside of the skirt. The mechanical part of our project is the engine and control system which help in maneuvering and monitoring the direction of the hovercraft. The project is helpful and necessary many cases such as military and security in which hovercraft are excellent for off beach protection and rescue. For commercial operation also hovercraft can play a distinct role in guiding the ships to the shore safely and efficiently rather than using small boats which can cost a lot in maintenance. The significant of the hovercraft comes in situations like flooded areas like what happened in al-Khobar city a few weeks ago.

Project Objectives

  • Design and build a hovercraft that can float in different land types and can withstand the Kingdom harsh landscape.
  • increase awareness of alternative method of transportation.
  • Apply knowledge and engineering principles gained during our study.
  • Implementing some method of manufacturing in building the hovercraft construction.
  • Implementing some of the material knowledge in building the hovercraft construction.


Final Report

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