Design and manufacture of a wire drawing mechanism

Project Overview

Wire drawing is a cold working process, in the process the workpiece is pulled through a single or series of drawing die. There are numerous types for wire drawing including electrical wiring, cables, tension-loaded structural components and springs. Wire drawing is quite simple in concept. Basically, it is pulling a wire through a die with the use of lubricants to decrease the friction between the die and the wire. The objective of the wire drawing process is to reduce the cross-section with better surface finishing in a simple yet efficient way. also, we aim to make an adjustable die to suit the necessary specifications. The knowledge and skills required in order to succeed with the project are understanding the properties of materials, sufficient knowledge in cold working processes, including the mechanism of wire drawing process, grain refinement, structure of materials, and the stresses applied on the specimen. We are seeking to implement the wire drawing mechanism in the mechanical labs at PMU.

Project Objectives

This project seeks to:
  • Give detailed information on the wire drawing process.
  • Understand the metallurgy process as it relates to wire drawing.
  • Point out on design modification.