Design of 133 story tower at King Fahd road in Al-Khobar

Project Overview

To follow up with the urban renaissance that has been occurring in Saudi Arabia, and as a part of the vision of 2030, Saudi Arabia has established a big economical, educational, engineering, and commercial plans that will help making Saudi Arabia more of a modern, stable, and safer environment to be more attracted by investors and tourists. Therefore, we choose the eastern province to establish our project, where the city has been adopting many economical and engineering projects in the last few years.

We choose King Fahd road specifically since it connects the two cities of Dammam and Al Khobar. Another reason, this exact location contains many companies and residential areas, such as Al Sharqya chamber, Batyour tower, Kempinski Hotel and more are located at this area, which makes it a perfect location for our project.

The design project has been divided into parts. First, for the preliminary design ACI, SBC, and AISC have been used to refer our calculations with those standard codes. Second, the project is modeled using (ETABS) computer software for project analysis and design checking. Finally, for the geotechnical part, the design followed the SBC for designing the foundation system as a mat piled foundation, using appropriate standard theories, and the soil profile of the land. Finally yet importantly, our design considers realistic design constrains, and rough cost estimation of the project.

Project Objectives

For establishing this kind of project, we have to defeat several challenges to satisfy all the safety requirements in a realistic range. To safely be able to pass these challenges, we need to divide our project into stages for the result of a realistic and logical design:

  • Select an adequate structural system.
  • Preliminary design (structural components)
  • Structural model using ETABS.
  • Geotechnical design of foundation system using appropriate theories.
  • Cost estimation


Final Report