Design of Kinetic Energy Recovery System for Bicycle

Project Overview

Our design philosophy is to build a KERS flywheel energy storage unit as a proof of concept, which hopefully be optimized by ourselves and others in the future. The reason why a system like this is feasible is that globally, roads have many impediments such as intersections, cars and turns which prevents a cyclist from maintaining a constant speed. This system will help with recovering the lost energy from braking caused by these impediments.

Project Objectives

  1. Identifying the potential of KERS for bicycle.
  2. Summarizing key technologies used for recovering kinetic energy.
  3. Optimizing the existing design for KERS and purposing a new design.
  4. Testing the newly designed KERS for bicycle under different conditions.
  5. Identifying the external and internal parameters that have increased or decreased the efficiency of KERS.
  6. Citing the limitations of the purposed design and suggesting future work for the KERS design.