Design of Solar Panel Intercooled by Refrigeration System

Project Overview

There is no deny that renewable energy is considered one of the natural resources support the human beings to save the planet of the earth which is the only place that can live on. Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 aims at achieving the best of using the types of renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and other types. The purpose is to have suitable type instead of depending on fuel as green energy and friend to the environment. Many scientific researchers point to the importance of the solar energy. They also recommend inventing many more instruments to provide the best use of solar energy nowadays and in the future. This project can add more efficiency to make use the solar energy in specific areas and in homes. The project consists of simple parts that allow many more people to use aiming at reducing the cost of the production, for instance. In addition, it was noticed that refrigerators cost people lots of money because of the cost of electricity. Solar energy in Saudi Arabia is an efficient energy to serve the industrial development plans and provide the required amount for the population services. The quality of the project focus through the solar panel connected to battery to charge it. The refrigerator has two specific uses first, for individuals and in cooling systems. The second use could help factories and industrial services. All uses provide safety and technical benefits with equipment and machines. The project provides enough energy by cooling the solar panels and makes them work efficiently depending on pumping cool water from the refrigerator to the direct system.

Project Objectives

The main important objectives of this project are:
  • Design a refrigeration system
  • Design a solar energy system
  • To Increase the efficiency of the solar system
  • Combined a refrigeration system with solar intercooling
  • Use renewable energy to produce power