Design of an Ultrasonic Drying System

Project Overview

It is known that ultrasounds induce vibrations to material. Initial experiments have shown that ultrasound can be used in drying clothes and cleaning engineering components. Through the same phenomenon, the idea could be commercialized into various different applications and home appliances. This project aims to design an ultrasound emitting device primarily for the use with different cloth types to both dry and straighten out creases that exists when clothes are wet. The device will initially be tested on wet fabrics, where a 99% energy saving is expected. The components will be subjected to long exposure to the ultrasounds and the effect on them will be studied.


The device aims to replace conventional irons by using cheaper materials, reducing the cost of manufacturing immensely while also using the alternative means of ironing and drying that would not require heat generation. It also aims to be a safer alternative to irons and a much more efficient mean of ironing.

Project Objectives

  • To design an energy efficient iron that uses ultrasound waves/
  • To allow for ease of use for consumers.
  • To find an alternative means to heat generated household items.
  • To increase overall efficiency of the ironing.
  • To drastically decrease ironing time.
  • To be user friendly without fear of hazards from occurring with use.


Final Report


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