Design of Water Jet Cart

Project Overview

The science of fluid mechanics is very important in all the life. Analyzing and studying the flow of fluid inside the pipes is very important for mechanical engineer. This project is about designing simple cart and simple jet system that can provide power by using kinetic energy of water to move the cart. After the system moved the cart, we calculate the force, the work done by the jet system and the efficiency of the system, using engineering tools which help in this type of project to make the calculation very accurate like pump, pressure gauges and flow meter. This project also shows the fundamentals in designing piping system and how to choose the correct fitting places to reduce the pressure drop in such system.

Project Objectives

The major objectives of this project are listed as follows:
  • Chose Design a cart that would be best for maintaining stability.
  • Design water jet system to give the pressurized water that will propel the cart.
  • Understand and apply the basic concepts of Fluid Mechanics to carry out professional engineering activities in the field of fluids
  • Determine flow rates, pressure changes, minor and major head losses for viscous flows through pipes, the effects of pumps, pipes and fittings in such systems 
  • Design simple pipe systems to deliver fluids under specified conditions.