Design of Optical fiber for daylighting

Project Overview

In today’s modern world, many of the aspects that are most essential in life are being enhanced day by day. This includes the basic necessities of humans. That may include food and shelter which means that in today’s world, new scientific inventions are made every day in order to make life easier for every human. Weather that was direct or indirect benefit. The day lighting using fiber optics can be a gateway for scientists and engineers to prove once and for all that solar energy is the most reliable and efficient source of energy known to human beings. Before the invention of artificial electricity, that was around the mid-20th century, solar energy was still reliable even though the means to use it were not so reliable. But as mentioned above, science is improving every day and with the technologies we have today, we can prove that even after the invention of artificial electricity but as mentioned above, science is improving every day and with the technologies we have today, we can prove that even after the invention of artificial electricity by a little over a century, solar energy remains the most effective and efficient source. Before if we were to compare the relationships between the intentional use the solar source or the unintentional use of it, humanity only requires artificial electricity for lighting after the sun sets. Because by applying the architectural methods and designs of all buildings depend largely on the windows to utilize solar lighting.
Day lighting using fiber optics can be briefly defined as the most efficient design of a light collecting system, that is the most reliable, most efficient and come up with a way to fit it into the architectural designs of our buildings, with the most effective cost. This can definitely be ensured if we take every little detail into consideration and use the right methodology and the right equipment’s to achieve our goal. Throughout this research we will explain step by step and in the most minor details about each and every prospect of this study. i.e. day lighting using fiber optics.

Project Objectives

Throughout the first stages of our research, we were completely focused on out primary objectives, and our secondary once. this system has to run through the best choices and calculations, and the following objectives will be focused on accordingly as mentioned below-
  • this system should be designed in a way that it has the ability to run on a 24 hours basis. This could be done in such a manner that it draw , converts and saves the solar energy extracted from the sun during daylight, and then utilized when it is most needed that is after the sun sets. The main objective of this is to use fiber optics as the medium to transfer light from the solar source (the sun) to other sources of lighting that are used in our homes and other places. Even though we are willing to use fiber optics as our main medium, we are also willing to try and see if there are other more traditional choices that we can install or use as our secondary or substitute medium for the fiber optics.
  • The next objective is to find a design that is both reasonable and operational in each and every step of the system and its functioning. This means that we have to make economical comparisons to make sure that the system is economically efficient. Other comparisons such as the efficiency of the day lighting system using fiber optics should be more efficient and accessible than any other conventional method used by engineers up to date.
  • Last but not least, this is one of our primary objectives as it is very important to come out with the largest benefit through making the least harm in all aspects. That means that we have to give back to the environment that we are going to use In this project to solve a major problem that was created by our inventions of artificial electricity. This system has to be ecofriendly and environmentally green.