Design of a Pneumatic Powered Bicycle

Project Overview

Compressed air engines are getting popularity in advanced countries to replicate the conventional IC engines. Researches are being made to use these engines for motorbikes. The ultimate goal is to have green environment.

The objective of the current project is to design a compressed air engine for bicycles. Contrary, to motorbikes the purpose is to get boosted power [thrust] only for limited period of time [10-20 sec], when required. For example, during uphill cycling, when carrying extra weight, near to finishing line in racing, etc.

The project mainly involves proper selection of compressor, air tank, safety valves and air regulators. Design and manufacturing of nozzle, tubes, air engine, and finally proper installation of parts on bicycle are also salient features of the project. Materials for various parts should be efficiently selected so that overall weight of bicycle will remain in reasonable range.

Project Objectives

  • To design an air engine for a bicycle to provide a burst
  • The engine would be designed to ¬†achieve a thrust for about ten to twenty seconds
  • To design a refueling mechanism for the compressed air


Final Report