Design of thermal Driven Supersonic Ejector Based on Heat Pump

Project Overview

  • A BFE (binary fluid ejector) is a thermally-driven fluidic compressor that take place of the electro-mechanical compressor in Reverse-Rankine thermal cycles (refrigeration systems).
  • A BFE system will operate instantaneously as extreme functional heat pump, result of that it will lead to energy& economic savings.
  • BFE system could be driven by several application of low-grade thermal energy, involving: solar energy, geothermal, stack flue gas, waste heat, engine exhaust, biogas, biomass and other kinds of fossil fuels.
  • BFE is a technology that is applicable in vast universal implementation, including (cooling& heating) refrigeration cycles, industrial-scale desiccation, distillation and desalination, also recover the wasted heat and re-use the dissipated heat.