Design of Turbocharge System for an Existing Gas Engine

Project Overview

How can turbocharge effect on the car engine? No one can deny that the turbocharge plays a big part in engines world. First of all, turbocharge is a turbine driven air compressor and forced induction device powered by exhaust gases from the internal combustion engine. As a matter of fact, we all known how the engines saving and providing a time for a humanity also, doing a thing that hard and exact for human to reach it for example, manufacturing, drilling, and production. However, one of the important engines in our life is car engine which, can divided into many types depends on the engine capacity known by (CC) they also give it another name defined by engine displacement. In addition, it depends on the number of cylinders, piston and a lot of parts that could show which one to choose between them. Moreover, the strength and type of these characteristics are also determined by their ability to modify and supply the addition of the turbocharger.

On the other hand, in our senior project we chose one of many types of engines, which is a V8 car engine. To demonstrate clearly, in this project we are going to add a turbo charge for the engine that we chose, to improve the performance of the engine and obtain a high efficiency.

Project Objectives

The main objectives that we are looking for in this project are to:
  • Increase engine performance and efficiency by installing a turbocharger
  • Improve combustion with increased air delivery to the engine by the turbocharger
  • Change the exhaust system  
  • Design the turbocharge system: Turbine, compressor and connecting shaft
  • Quantify engine performance before and after the turbocharger

Final Report