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The Design of Distribution Network for Water Supply System at Al Rakah in Al Khobar City

Project Overview

Water distribution system is vitally important not only to maintain the health of the community but also for the sustainability of industry, business and agriculture. This project includes the background study of water distribution system with brief description of all components. In this design project, looped network system has been considered for the distribution of water to the residential area located at South Al Rakah in AL Khobar city. The design was performed using the energy equation or Bernoulli equation. The energy equations determined the pressure, velocity, and flow into the pipe network. Darcy-Weisbach equation was also applied to find out approximate flow into the pipe. All necessary data were collected from the city of Al khobar water department. In this project, WaterCad and WaterGEMS softwares was used to calculate the design parameters and compared results to the design parameters found from manual calculations. The constraints for this project were also carefully verified and project limitation was identified. The results indicated that the difference in total energy at different project location was due to the head losses.

Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is to design the looped network for water supply distribution system. This objective requires to satisfy the following conditions: (a) to supply safe and wholesome water to the users, whether these constitute a family, a group of families, or a community; (b) to supply water in adequate quantity; and (c) to make water readily available to the users, in order to encourage personal and household hygiene.


Final Report

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