Design of Windmill for Pumping Water

Project Overview

Power generation is a major requirement nowadays, Saudi Arabia in specific is looking for new methods to find renewable energy sources as part of 2030’s vision and wind power was found to be suitable for the country’s geographic condition.

Wind is the motion of air that is moving on the surface of the earth, and its speed varies based on the geographical location. The wind energy can be generated from the change of atmosphere unevenly where some parts get warmer than others. The warmer air rises and the colder air patches blow to replace them, therefore, alternating air is resulted and that air is wind [1]. Windmill is a mill that is used to convert kinetic energy of the wind into a mechanical energy by using blades rotor assembly which drives the shaft. The result from the rotating shaft provides a mechanical work that can be used to pump water as an example.

This project is intended to design a windmill based on the various components and their actual drawings. This design will contain the rotor assembly i.e. blades, hub, transmission shaft, the gear box, tower, generator, and yow system. Windmill has two different designs, the first type is horizontal and the second type is vertical. In this project, it will focus on the horizontal type. The consumption of power in Saudi Arabia is about triple times the world average [2]. There comes the benefit of windmill as it will reflect positively on the country in an economical point of view, as vision 2030 tries to find an alternative power source other than petroleum. Using renewable energy sources will not only benefit Saudi Arabia economically, but also will help the country to reduce its pollution by using free green energy such as wind. The main advantage of windmill compared with solar panel is that the country is located in a desert area where dust is very common, the dust has a big impact on the solar panels. Moreover, solar energy only works during the day while, windmill can operate 24 hours depending on the wind changes [4]

Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is to determine the power from a renewable energy source which is the wind. Moreover, to design a windmill with the key characteristics of a windmill. Another objective of this project is to practice and apply the engineering concepts. But there are more objectives, which are:
  • Design and construct a windmill to produce a renewable energy which is going to decrease the pollution.
  • Reduce the cost and energy of pumping water.
  • Study the difference between horizontal axis wind turbine, and the vertical axis turbine.
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of windmill.
  • Identify mathematical equations.
  • Compare between theoretical and experimental power.

Final Report