An Electrical Foldable Wheelchair

Project Overview

People with disabilities usually face many problems when it comes to everyday life. Especially in the field of transportation, disabled people and their family members often have so many difficulties as they try to adapt with even the simplest of tasks. This is why we decided to focus our efforts in the purpose of designing and manufacturing a wheelchair that will make transportation simpler for people with disabilities as it could be folded into a size that is as small as possible and easily movable using its wheels.

Project Objectives

The key objectives of this project are as follows:
  • Making an Electrically powered Wheelchair.
  • The Wheelchair is foldable.
  • Cater children, Amputees and elderly.
  • Robust control over the motion on steeps and slopes.
  • Selection of drives and battery to allow the chair to move for the longest period possible without the need for recharging.


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