Environmental Monitoring Vehicle

Project Overview

Nowadays, water and air pollution has been increased lately in Saudi Arabia, which has led or causes a harm on fishes and plants, also as the pollution increases the air quality and level of oxygen will decrease. Therefore, after looking up to the results we have been designed and implemented The Environmental Monitoring Vehicle. Basically, The Environmental Monitoring Vehicle it works as an amphibious, so, it will collect the readings from land and underwater, and upon the results that has been saved to SD card actions will be taken.
The project is to design an environmental monitoring vehicle that will measure environmental variables inside and outside the water. Environmental monitoring vehicle will allow to drive on the land and float in the water

Project Objectives

The main objectives that we are looking for in this project are:
  • Helps to monitor the pollution
  • Effective for environmental organization
  • To develop an amphibious vehicle for confined and narrow areas using suitable steering configuration and maneuvering system.