Final Exam Scheduling
The problem of scheduling final exams is common in all of the academic institutions. When trying to schedule hundreds of courses which are taught to thousands of students by a huge number of faculties in many colleges within a university, there are some considerations that must be taken care of. The priority of these considerations goes first to the students. No student can have more than two courses scheduled in the same day, and of course these two cannot be at the same time. Then, there is the instructor's problem, such as an instructor cannot have two exams, different courses, at the same time, especially in the case if he has to attend them. The finals duration is important too, it cannot exceed two to three weeks. All these problems occur because the schedules are made manually by faculty. In order to solve this problem, several suggestions were gathered, and it was agreed upon to build a tool that automatically makes the final exams schedules for the students, under specific constraints. This tool shall save a lot of time, manage a lot of conflicts, and fulfill all the rules and constraints.