Fire Sprinklers Design

Project Overview

This project is intended to design and manufacture a simple Fire Sprinklers, where the fire sprinkler can be inserted and tested. The test fire sprinkler is to be fitted with pipes and connections along with the tube bulb that could be exchangeable for many number of testing in which we can show it many times and change the bulb every time we test. The project is very important to the industries, as through understanding the characteristics of different types of the fire sprinklers so that we could be able to use every one in their specific location and task. This is also very important from the safety prospective as this will lead to a safe social environment to cover many areas such as operation plants, schools, hospitals gas stations and more. The project will show more details about the specifications and dimension and radius of covering the area of the intended to put the fire off of it. Also to show the students how the fire sprinklers working mechanism occurs and how does it really work. Also to demonstrate the different kinds of the distribution flow of the nozzle that could give more efficient and effective result as they could be varied with the environment and the nature of the place or building. For example, school would have different type of fire sprinklers than the chemical industry and so the flow rate and the medium used to put the fire such as Foam, Water and weather it will be wet or dry, as we will see later on [4].

Project Objectives

  • Design and construct a Fire Sprinklers to show flow rate and pressure distributing for fire detected in school or hospital or chemical industry using specific type of sprinkles
  • Study the change in different types of the Fire Sprinklers and how they can be more efficient for their designated area and field.
  • Relate different type and medium used in different weather and conditions depending on the environment and needs.
  • Developing fire sprinklers distribution techniques to prevent huge uncontrolled fire to be put off without the need to make firefighters possess more danger and lessen their exposure to fire as much as possible.

  • Final Report