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Fully Electric Car with Solar Cells as a Secondary Source of Power

Project Overview

This project is aiming to design and build an automobile that runs primarily on electric batteries while runs partially on solar panels which will be the secondary source of power. This will require a clear understanding of electrical and solar components, design of an automobile, automobile mechanism. In terms of electric batteries, the car will use lead acid batteries which can be charged using the secondary source of power, which are solar arrays that use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. We are designing and creating a cleaner source of transport than an ICE dependent vehicle.

Project Objectives

  • To design and manufacture a vehicle with minimized dependency on fossil fuels (only for charging batteries of the car) and produces zero emission.
  • To use solar panels as a secondary source of power, which can charge the batteries while parked under the sun, which eliminates the dependency on fossil fuels completely.
  • Ensure the car can accommodate at least one passenger, while driving at various speeds up to 60 km/h.
  • Identify, implement and explain the principles of force, motion and aerodynamics.
  • Explain and demonstrate a fully functional prototype.
  • Raise the awareness of renewable energy among fellow students.


Final Report

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