Helical Wind Turbine

Project Overview

This project is intended to design and manufacture a simple wind turbine to be attached to streetlights in order to provide enough energy to light one or more. The design consists of a helical wind turbine coupled with an electrical generator, which will be attached to a battery to store the excess energy. The project aims not only to use a clean source of energy to power everyday needs, but also to provide a cost reduction in the large amount of funds that are spent yearly on generating power. The turbines that are going to be created are safe in nature, and are very cost efficient. The efficacy in cost will allow for many people to easily get a hold of them and for larger scale needs such as to power companies, as well as powering regular everyday things.
This project will prove to be very beneficial for the country as a whole, considering how the country has recently had a problem with the fluctuation of the oil prices. The project will easily be able to counter this issue, by introducing a new more reliable source of energy.

Project Objectives

The project aims to tackle some key features in order to ensure its success, these features are as follows.
  • Design and construct a wind turbine to produce renewable energy which will reduce the pollution.
  • Cut the cost of Lighting Street especially on highways and remote areas.
  • Reduce the use of wiring to light the streets.
  • Decrease the demand factor for the whole city.
  • Allow the creation of mentioned turbine to be cost effective.
  • Tailoring various different needs of power rather than just one.
  • Make it accessible and easy to use by others.


Final Report

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