Internship Program

Welcoming Message

Thank you very much for your interest in the College of Business Administration internship program. You have now discovered one of the great treasures the College of Business Administration has to offer.

The guide outlines the reasons for the internship program and what is expected from students during the training program. Students participation in the internship program offers a pathway to success as you enter into the business & Industrial community. The internship program offers students the opportunity to work in a position directly related to their majors.

We ask each and every student to remember that he/she represent PMU, the College of Business Administration as well as yourself during the internship assignments. How students perform, both professionally and morally, will reflect on you and the university and could affect the placement of future students.

The College is confident that you will come out of the internship program experience professionally, rewarded, and enriched with new experiences and make the College of Business proud.

Please read the following documents: