Lifeguard Drone

Project Overview

Based on studies conducted in several countries around the world, death rate caused by drowning is getting high year after another. One of the main reason was the time limitation the rescuer has to reach the drown people. An average of up to 7 to 10 minutes needed to reach the victim from the bay which is considered long enough for a person to be died before he/she get rescued. This project aims to design and build a hexa-copter with capability of carrying a payload of up to 1 kg. The payload will be mainly used for carrying a life ring. A wireless communication system is used to fully control the drone by an RC (Remote Controller) which can be used by the Baywatch to deliver the life ring with the minimal time. A comparison was conducted between the drone and the regular rescuer speed, and it was obvious that the drone won by ultimate minimal time consumed to reach the drown person. As of our online research, we couldn’t find any similar project application in PMU and Saudi Arabia yet. Upon the successful completion of this project, it can be introduced to be consider for implementation and commercial.

Project Objectives

The main objectives that we are looking for in this project are:
  • Applying the advanced technology in saving lives.
  • Learn about the communication systems and control a drone
  • Having the minimal time to deliver a life ring.
  • Showing a live streaming of the delivery and while flying.