A Message From The Chair

Dr. Bassem E. Maamari With the great team we have here at PMU in the College of Business Administration – Finance Program, we have embarked on the trip to accomplish a number of landmarks. Our program is academically renowned in the market. We continuously revise and update our program, tools and material to provide cutting-edge learning experience and updated knowledge on all the fast developments and regulatory changes.

We expose our students to the needed functionalities, experiences and knowledge that prepare them for an excellent track in employability. We use up-to-date technologies for market training, market data and analysis and decision-making simulating. Our faculty are diverse and multi-disciplinary with the world of finance. This complements their hard-work and success in the field, with their added value also in publishing outstanding academic research output in top ranking venues in the world. All this dedication to knowledge and service provided through our team of highly qualified professionals is key to the successful achievement of our strategic goals and KPIs.

With all this in mind, we see our unfinished role in the department of Accounting studies is to equip future Finance professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge and tools in the field, to allow them to successfully play their competitive role in today’s globalized financial business environment and future’s economic success. We use effective problem-solving and decision-making, we expose our community to modern topics of the finance world, and cooperate with the different leading professional entities to provide an educational path and experience with hands-on processes that open the doors for future ethical finance professional.

Welcome aboard our team, whether you are a student seeking a bright future in finance, a faculty looking for a successful career path, or a researcher aiming for deeper knowledge.

Dr. Bassem E. Maamari,
Acting Department Chair, Finance