A Message From The Chair

Dr. Ilyes Jenhani The Chair of Information Technology

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology where the infusion of technology into the learning process is second nature. Here at the College of Computer Engineering and Science in general and the Department of Information Technology in particular, we pride ourselves on the excellent portfolio of skills and technologies relating to all aspects of information; storage, processing, presentation and sharing to the right areas of the enterprise in real-time.

We aim to create high caliber graduates who are adept in the latest trends and technologies relating to IT, be they workstation, mobile device or enterprise based, thus providing further impetus to organizational development and progress.

The Department of Information Technology study plans were designed in compliance with the top international standards including ACM/IEEE; we have equipped our labs with the latest in hardware and software from Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Google and many others; then we sought faculty and technical staff who have accumulated vast volumes of experience in academia and industry in order to blend the theories and practices together in a clear-cut recipe for success.

Dr. Ilyes Jenhani

Assistant Professor, Chair – IT
College of Computer Engineering & Science CCES Building Room F013
Tel: +966-3-849-9224
e-mail: ijenhani@pmu.edu.sa
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University