A Message From The Chair
Welcome to the newly established College of Arts and Sciences at PMU. The college houses the Department of Law and the Master of Science in Education and Human Development.

The Department of Law

The Bachelor of Arts in Law marks the first bilingual undergraduate degree program not only in the eastern province but kingdom-wide as well. The Law Program provides a dynamic, engaging, student-centered, quality competency-based, innovative and globally-oriented curriculum that leads current and prospective male and female students to understand what it takes to think, act, and react as professional legal consultants and lawyers with ethical and social responsibilities. We offer a unique and challenging learning environment that stimulates students to consider the law as a way of thinking and reading the word and the world.

Our bilingual law program, with its focus on skills development, prepares our students to function respectively and responsively in a global society. The program, with its myriad of courses, gives students the opportunity to learn about national and international trends in the world of law. This approach requires a diligent desire and willingness from students to understand and enter into the legal world of the different other. Our law students are scaffolded to make this entry, which accounts for a great depth of scholarly inquiry. In this sphere of influence, PMU bilingual law program provides future workforce with a plethora of case studies and content that have the potential to connect the national with the international. The program implements a constructivist approach to teaching and learning that leads students to develop the critical thinking attributes of lawyers and researchers.

Our student-centered teaching and learning paradigm opens new horizons for students to understand the self in relation and cooperation with the intellectual and ideological different other. Instilling in our students the willingness to go beyond the norm and beyond their natural and inevitable prejudice enables them to see and understand the other world views. Considering this type of thinking, which the law program promotes, allows students to develop a socio cultural sense of care, responsiveness, open mindedness and sensibility which are all attributes of efficient lawyers and legal consultants that today’s business market is looking for. Please don't hesitate to stop by to know more about our bilingual law program.

Dr. Muamar Hasan Salameh

Chair of College of Arts and Sciences