A Message From The Chair

Welcome to the Management Information Systems (MIS) department.

Message from From The Chair MIS is the study of interaction between technology, people and processes. The program encompasses a wide span of topics including database management, data communications, and programming, building E-Commerce, software engineering, and telecommunication. It also introduces concepts like information assurance and data security to effectively and efficiently run and manage day to day business operations.

Today, to be competitive, businesses rely on a number of different aspects including MIS, which is considered as one of the most essential components to the success of any business. Information systems when combined with data analysis tools become decision support systems that assist the middle management in their decision making process and to assess the organization’s current performance.

Some of the types of jobs for MIS graduates include Business/Systems Analyst, Information Systems Manager, Database Administrator/Designer, Business Application Developer, Systems Developer, Communications Manager and others. These positions deal with a range of issues; from converting business problems into specifications and requirements that programmers can convert to applications to developing software systems for client organizations. A typical career goal for an MIS graduate is to reach a senior organizational manager who overlooks the entire MIS department in any organization. Some information entrepreneurs may like to be self-employed as consultants, or marketing information products and services.

Dr. David Lee Pumphrey, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Management Information Systems