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A Message From The Dean
A Message From The Dean :: MBA The College of Business Administration at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University provides exciting educational opportunities for students. We offer many different major courses of study that prepare students for a successful career in the real world. As a result, the College of Business Administration has experienced remarkable growth; today it is a premier business school, a member of AACSB in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the largest of PMU Colleges, offering five undergraduate majors and two graduate programs to prepare its students for long-lasting successful professional careers in a variety of sustainable businesses.

All indicators of success for the College are on the rise. Undergraduate enrollment and retention rates, graduation and engagement rates, scholarly activity and citation rates, and other indicators. Our faculty are dedicated professionals who excel in involving students and providing an educational experience equal to that of top universities. Our faculty offer students enormous resources to assist them in their educational journey toward sustainable businesses. Our faculty have gained an excellent academic reputation not only in the region, but also internationally with idea development, product creation, and marketing activities.

The College of Business Administration is committed to contributing its part to the successful realization of Vision 2030 and supporting the UN SDGs for the bright future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its citizens. We believe that the Kingdom’s goals are worthy to pursue, and we are committed to applying our strongest efforts to ensure their accomplishment. Over the past decade, PMU and the College have proven to be outstanding forces in higher education; still, we believe that we have the potential to achieve more during our second decade than could have been imagined when the first students entered PMU seventeen years ago.

I warmly welcome you to join us in our pursuits.