Microgrid Power Management System

Project Overview

Industrial cities, large factories, and companies who work in any field such as oil extraction, metal melting furnace, and more areas where the demand of the power is high and should be consistent cannot start their job until they got control on the electrical power supplied. Moreover, these kinds of areas where the delay of a minute will be so hard on the company's economy. In addition, some accidents might take a place in the work area in the absence of the power control system.

This project aims to deliver the best control of any kind of workstations like plastic factories and metal melting furnace factories which they use big generators to supply their station. Also, to build a safe working area between the employees to make sure that there won't be any cutoff in the electricity supplied, which will make big machines to stop suddenly and cause some problems to the operators who near to the machine. Moreover, using this project will decrease the production cost. Also, it minimizes the operational costs by decreasing the number of operators because the system is automated and control through a display screen shows the whole system. Moreover, overload management is taking a place in this project.

Project Objectives

  • Avoid the electricity shutdown.
  • Reduce the production, investment, and minimize the operational costs.
  • To avoid accidents and have a safe operation for operators.