“The College of Business Administration at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University promotes high-quality education and knowledge development by fostering an engaged learning environment that encourages students and faculty to pursue professional excellence. The College achieves distinction in meeting the workforce and information needs of our stakeholders by ensuring quality teaching, impactful research, and engagement with the community.”

PMU’s commitment to its stakeholders empowers the College of Business Administration to create maximum value by delivering scholarly education, learning, and service in the following ways:

  • Through the scholarship of learning we create an environment in which students acquire knowledge and develop skills to be effective leaders in their respective professions and communities.

  • Through the scholarship of discovery we develop, integrate, and apply new ideas by employing traditional and innovative research approaches that transcend conventional boundaries.

  • Through the scholarship of service our faculty and students share their knowledge and skills to the benefit of partner organizations, our alumni, our community, and other stakeholders worldwide.