The department is committed to excellence in the discovery and transmission of knowledge in the fields of Mathematics & Natural Sciences. It will honor this commitment by a continuous modernization of its programs to achieve international recognition and satisfy the Saudi Arabian needs of trained manpower. It will support research that has impact on the Kingdom economy and provide distinguished services to the national community. It will provide a nurturing and conducive environment for quality teaching, learning and research in basic and applied sciences relying on teamwork and successful organizational set up. The Department pledges itself to persuade in the most liberal manner, the advancement of science through its education, research, and service missions.


  • To offer quality courses in Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • To integrate modern teaching/learning methods into the curriculum 
  • To   gain for faculty the latest instructional technology tools
  • To develop blended and complete online courses.
  • To develop new interdisciplinary programs
  • To develop short courses according to needs of the Kingdom
  • To conduct  internationally recognized research
  • To support multidisciplinary research
  • To acquire and maintain state of the art research facilities
  • To  endorse collaborative research with national and international institutions
    • To disseminate science awareness in the community through media
    • To update high school teachers skills through tailored programs.