Nomad Rover

Project Overview

In recent years, humans have been able to incorporate robotics to perform various day-to-day tasks that were only possible by humans before. These robots can be seen in industries, medical fields, space programs and various other sectors. They were able to replace humans, providing better efficiency, as being able to carry out similar tasks without any fatigue. Besides the lack of knowledge in digital language, these robots are also restricted with poor utilization of hardware.

With a reliable robust design, and easy to use interface, the Nomad Rover will be setting stones in making robots more efficient and easy to use in the military sector. With the ability to detect the surroundings and atmosphere for harmful substances, the Nomad Rover will be able to prevent soldiers to be caught in dangerous situation that may threaten their life.
In addition, with one to one control with hand gestures, Nomad Rover can provide unparalleled precision and accuracy for the controller to perform a multitude of operations, remotely in a safe place. Say in bomb diffusion operation, the bomb diffuser can maintain a safe distance from the bomb while diffusing, but can maintain the accuracy and precision, like doing with his own hands, thanks to the gesture controlled robotic hands. Besides the military sector, this level of control for arm can find application in other sectors, like in space programs, to explore much more efficiently, when sending unmanned drones to space.
We believe Nomad Rover will be capable of carrying out various operations in dangerous locations and environments remotely, without risking the lives of hundreds of soldiers. We also to look forward to feedback we receive from our instructors and colleagues, to improve the project in the future

Project Objectives

  • Robotic vehicle can handle various terrains and small obstacles
  • Remote control with video feed.
  • A robotic arm that follows the accuracy and precision of human hand.