PMU Core Competencies

As they work toward achieving the educational benefits outlined above for students, each of the degree programs within the College of Business Administration will maintain values consistent with the goals of the university. The developments of six distinctive competencies are considered to be of value to all effective professionals. These competencies are keys to developing employable, life-long learners who can adapt to multiple careers over their lifetime. The six PMU competencies are:

  • Communication:

    the ability to communicate effectively in both English and Arabic in professional and social situations.
  • Technological Competence:

    the ability to use modern technologies to acquire information, communicates, solve problems, and produce intended results.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

    the ability to reason logically and creatively to make informed and responsible decisions and achieve intended goals.
  • Professional Competence:

    the ability to perform professional responsibilities effectively in both local and international contexts.
  • Teamwork:

    the ability to work effectively with others to accomplish tasks and achieve group goals.
  • Leadership:

    the ability to be informed, effective and responsible leaders in family, community and the kingdom

The College of Business Administration will provide an environment in which these core competencies will be both recognized in their importance and centrality to the degree programs and actively pursued within each degree program. The course syllabi within each of the degree programs include specifications of the learning environment and activities and assignments specifically designed to:

  • Foster improved communication through classroom and other presentations and through discussion and critique of those presentations.

  • Enhance analysis, synthesis and other critical thinking and problem solving components through programming and other projects throughout the curriculum. These competencies will be addressed specifically through the three assessment courses ASSE 2111 Learning Outcome Assessment I, ASSE 3211 Learning Outcome Assessment II, and the third assessment capstone course ASSE 4311: Learning Outcome Assessment III / Administrative Strategy and Policy.

  • Provide opportunities for teamwork and leadership skills to be practiced through group projects within much of the curriculum and particularly within the capstone sequence.