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Law Program Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:

  1. Demonstrate in-depth body of knowledge and comprehension of the general theories, principles, and concepts of substantive and procedural law in the Saudi legal system.
  2. Develop a broad range of specialized knowledge and understanding of Saudi and international law informed by current legal developments in the relevant subjects studied.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of legal research methodologies.


  1. Apply legal rules, principles, and theories in giving reasoned legal opinions to solve real or hypothetical cases.
  2. Use critical thinking to review legal texts and case law to propose suitable solutions to legal issues and problems.
  3. Conduct legal research using various types of sources, and present research in a scholarly manner using appropriate techniques.
  4. Communicate effectively to demonstrate legal knowledge, arguments, and opinions to a variety of audiences.

Values, Autonomy, and Responsibility:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to justice and integrity in academic, professional, and social contexts.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team to ensure the attainment of task-related goals.