Mission and Goals

The Mission of the Accounting program at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University is to advance the accounting profession by enhancing academic excellence and promoting high ethical and professional standards. The accounting program is geared toward excellence in teaching, quality research, and services that benefit the university and the community. Our program will develop outstanding graduates that possess the required knowledge, skills and competencies needed by the accounting profession to meet current and future career challenges.

PMU’s commitment to its stakeholders empowers the Accounting program to create maximum value by delivering scholarly education, learning, and service through the following goals:

  • To equip graduates with a high-quality base of knowledge, skills, and competencies in preparing, reviewing, analyzing, and communicating financial and managerial accounting information.

  • To prepare graduates to comply with ethical codes and behaviors in the workplace.

  • To empower faculty and students in research that supports the development of knowledge in the community.

  • To recruit and retain diverse, highly qualified faculty and staff, and provide support to maintain a healthy, positive environment fostering transparency and integrity.

  • To attract and maintain a diverse and talented body of students to ensure ongoing community advancement