Program Objectives
The mission of the Civil Engineering Department is as follow:
  • To prepare its students to meet current and future needs of the national industry and government agencies, and to become productive professionals and leaders.
  • To enhance and expand the knowledge in Civil Engineering by conducting research and scholarly activity and
  • To reach out to the community and the profession through innovative services and solutions.

The following is our goals:
  • To provide high quality engineering education consistent with national and international standards and responsive to the Kingdom needs and culture.
  • To conduct strong basic and applied research, to disseminate knowledge, and to contribute to advancement of science and technology.
  • To serve the industry, the profession, and the community at large through innovative solutions.

The program objectives are as follow:
  • Review and develop the program curriculum to meet the latest trends in engineering profession and national needs.
  • Meet the NCAAA standards and obtain program accreditation.
  • Establish all necessary laboratories and facilities.
  • Increase the number of faculty development activities through workshops and seminars.
  • Increase the number of community outreach activities.
  • Increase the Department research output in both publications and funding proposals.