Mission and Goals

The mission of the Management Information Systems program is to promote high-quality education and research by offering knowledge that improves business performance using information technologies. We will equip our graduates with the most current knowledge, skills, and competencies in the field, allowing them to build their careers and enhance the region’s knowledge capacity and intellectual value.

PMU’s commitment to its stakeholders empowers the Management Information Systems program to create maximum value by delivering scholarly education, learning, and service through the following goals:

  • To prepare graduates in line with the most current developments in management information systems, in an environment of quality teaching and education, and engaged learning.

  • To support faculty and students in impactful interdisciplinary research.

  • To increase teacher and student contributions to community service by engaging in activities that provide distinction in meeting the information and workforce needs of stakeholders.

  • To cultivate industrial liaisons with regional and international businesses, and organizations providing beneficial interactions for curriculum development and the enrichment of learning resources.

  • To recruit and retain diverse, highly qualified faculty and staff, and a diverse and talented body of students