Student Outcomes

Human Resource Management Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective communication with individuals, teams, and large groups

  • Demonstrate effective analytical and critical thinking skills to make an appropriate business related decisions

  • Distinguish and analyze ethical problems that occur in business and society

  • Apply leadership skills and competencies in business situations

  • Illustrate how current technologies and decision-support tools can be utilized to the advantage of business operations.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the major functional areas of Business

  • Explain the recognized body of strategic and operational HRM knowledge and the application thereof in organizations inside and outside the KSA.

  • Apply the HRM body of knowledge to develop strategic and operational HRM plans and/or actions to contribute to human performance improvement and strategic organizational competitiveness.

  • Analyze strategic and/or operational HRM challenges (actual or simulated) in order to recommend HRM actions that add demonstrable value.

  • Apply and interpret HRM metrics/performance measurements to establish strategic competiveness.

  • Evaluate the impact of external and internal environmental factors on the effectiveness of the HRM actions in an organization.