Quadcopter for Security

Project Overview

With growing terror attacks globally, the safety and security of organizations have been under threat more than ever before. Attacks have ranged from that of cybercrime and as well as physical. In the recent years there has been a spike in the investment for security by countries and well as organizations. Saudi Arabia has a defense budget of more than 31 Billon USD per year. This is a huge amount and is mainly so large because it is bought from other countries (mainly the USA). There is an initiative by HRH Mohammad bin Salman to produce indigenous weapons and also reach a point wherein Saudi Arabia is able to sell locally made weapons to other countries; bringing in revenue into the kingdom. Our project is based on this vision. The project is called “Security FPV Quad-copter”. It is a locally assembled open source Quad-copter that enables video tracking. Communication between Controller and Quad-copter is done by using wireless communication system mainly using the FS-I6. The Quad-copter balancing condition is sensed by KK-2.1 controller which has built in sensors. All signals from sensors are processed by the KK microcontroller board. Output from the KK microcontroller board used to control Quad-copter propellers. Quad-copter can accept load disturbance up to 250g during it hover condition. Maximum operated time of Quad-copter is around sixty minutes using 5200mAh Lithium-polymer battery and operate time can be increase by using largest battery capacity. Along with these features the Quad-copter can stream live video feed using a smart video transceiver.

Project Objectives

  • Increase personal and property safety and security control.
  • Encourage the idea of substituting human guard by robotic surveillance device with more capabilities.
  • Monitoring contaminated facilities by taking live video for security purposes.
  • Demonstrate how to build your own security quad-copter in simple way.